Complete Immersion Inspection System


  • Includes water tank with 2 or 3 motorized axes
  • 3D display for better prospective views
  • Thickness measurement, lamination detection, and crack detection
  • Windows applications with user-friendly interface
  • Real-time A-scan display and oscilloscope display
  • Real-time B and C-scan thickness/flaw mapping display
  • A-scan recording for offline recreation of C-scans
  • Easy data analysis and flaw sizing
  • Automatic report generation with any kind of printer
  • Support for all Windows-compatible languages
  • Free one-year software upgrade


AquaScan is a complete immersion ultrasonic inspection and analysis system. The system includes:

-a water tank
-an inspection scanner with 2 or 3 motorized axes
-a power supply box for motors
-an industrial or portable computer containing pulser/receiver and high-speed digitizer cards

The system includes three applications: thickness mapping, X-axis flaw mapping, and Y-axis flaw mapping. The user interface includes A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, signal scope, real time mini-scope, 3-D display, and a control panel. Under the data analysis mode, the user can recreate the C-scan display by altering gate settings. Each A-scan retains its own unique gate settings. The user can generate a 3-D display of a C-scan instantaneously.

The system also generates a report with the following contents:

-a cover page including the project title and the report generation date
-a table of contents listing file descriptions and page numbers for each file
-project information including project name, directory, start time, end time, project descriptions, and inspection log
-the B-scan and C-scan maps with user-defined scales

The software is designed to simplify operating procedures; for example, the system automatically detects the attached scanner and sets up the appropriate parameters.

UltraScan 5 supports any language supported by Windows; the program windows, message boxes, and hard-copy reports can be displayed in any language.

AquaScan comes with motorized X and Y axes. An optional motorized Z axis can be installed upon request.


Computer (upgradeable) 1GHz Pentium III or faster
128 MB RAM
30 GB Hard Disk
Built-in CD-RW Drive
Built-in network card
1024x768 Display or better
Connector for external monitor
Input: 100/220VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum C-scan Thickness Map: 4,175,000
Data Point Flaw Map: 835,000 up to 10 flaws per data point
Sampling Rate 100, 50, 25, 12.5, or 6.25 MHz
Data Resolution 8 bits
Samples 16K samples or 256K samples
Scan Speed up to 8 inches/second
Rectifications RF, Full, +half, or -half
Scanner Resolution X Axis: 0.002 inch (0.05 mm)
Y Axis: 0.002 inch (0.05 mm)
Options -Motorized Z axis
-Portable computer