ASC-8 Controller

General Purpose Industrial Controller


  • Access and control from a remote host computer through RS232
  • Powerful stand-alone operation
  • Easy-to-learn programming language
  • Up to 256K bytes EEPROM for programs and data
  • General-purpose digital inputs and outputs
  • 5-channel analog to digital converter
  • Programmable DC output voltage and polarity
  • High-current DC output
  • High-current relays for DC and AC power control
  • Temperature measurement
  • 24-bit encoder counters for motion control
  • Encoder line receivers for long distance control
  • Programmable limit switches
  • 40-bit timer in milliseconds for accurate time control
  • Linearly-regulated output voltage--no electrical noise as PWM
  • Support for joysticks
  • Custom front and back panels
  • Application development kit


ASC8 is a general purpose industrial controller for motion control, process control, and other industrial controls. The controller can be used for:

-process machines
-assembly lines
-conveyer belts
-milling machines
-material cutting machines
-robot controls
-inspection scanners

It is also capable of controlling various electrical devices, such as solenoids, valves, lights, fans, heaters, agitators, electrical magnets, DC motors, motor brakes, and magnetic clutches. The devices are controlled with respect to time, voltage, current, input status, and outside environments. ASC8 can also handle signals from sensors such as potentiometers, joysticks, buttons, switches, thermistors, infrared sensors, proximity sensors, and encoders.

ASC8 is controllable through a host computer via RS-232 ; it can also run stand-alone, executing a downloaded program from the computer.

There is one relay output and one adjustable DC output for each axis being controlled. The relay output can be connected to an AC power source or to a 24VDC internal power supply. The voltage of the DC output is adjustable from 5V to 21V, and the polarity can be either positive or negative. ASC8 can control up to 8 axes. Other features include:

-TTL/CMOS digital inputs
-digital inputs for front panel buttons and switches
-TTL/CMOS digital outputs
-programmable limit switch inputs
-analog to digital inputs
-input for emergency stop switch
-temperature measurement
-300 mA OC output for each axis
-additional I/O available upon request
-current monitoring optional

US Ultratek provides a complete programming environment, including a software package, program reference manual, and a RS-232 programming cable. Some sample programs are capable of such tasks as:

-monitoring input levels and states
-monitoring front panel buttons and switches
-controlling and monitoring speed and positions
-scheduling equipment based on high resolution timer
-controlling equipment according to input levels and states

The programming language for the ASC8 is similar to the BASIC language. There are sixteen 32-bit variables and sixteen 8-bit variables available to the user. Unused EEPROM can be used for long term storage. Custom designs are also available for a minimal charge. Custom front and back panels, connector types, and enclosures are available.


Input/Output 8 TTL/CMOS digital inputs
6 digital inputs for front panel control
8 TTL/CMOS digital outputs
5 analog to digital inputs
1 input for emergency stop switch
1 300 mA OC output per axis
2 programmable limit switch inputs / axis
DC Output Voltage +5V to +21V @6A / axis
Relay Output 24VDC or AC power @5A / axis
Options Additional I/O pins available
Program Memory 64KB standard, up gradable to 256KB
Temperature Measurement -40EC to 125EC with thermistors
RS-232 9600 BAUD rate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Encoder Inputs Differential line receiver, TTL compatible
Encoder Counter 24-bit resolution
Internal Timer 40-bit timer in milliseconds counting up to 34 years
Analog Inputs 0 - 5V converted to 0 to 255
Software Specs Automatic run on power-up
Nested FOR/NEXT loops up to 5 times
Nested function calls up to 25 times
16 32-bit variables
16 8-bit variables
96 bytes incoming buffer for RS232
Dimensions 10" (W) x 3.9" (H) x 9.6" (D)