Motorized X-Y Inpsection Scanner


  • Single and multi-channel X-Y scans
  • Single and multi-channel flaw and corrosion mapping
  • Multi-channel interleaving corrosion and thickness mapping
  • Rugged design for tough environments
  • High resolution scanning
  • Minimum pipe diameter 4"
  • Magnetic wheels for easy setup
  • Optional tracks and pipe holders for non-magnetic surfaces
  • User-specified arm length
  • Optional coupling kit
  • Optional extended cable up to 200'


AUTO-XY is a motorized inspection scanner for TOFD and C-scan mapping. With the help of the UltraScan ultrasonic inspection system, the scanner can be used to inspect flat surfaces and pipes automatically. The diameter of the pipe can be as small as 4 inches. The magnetic wheels are ideal for quick setup on ferrous surfaces. Our optional scanner tracks can be used to inspect non-magnetic materials by using four suction cups to secure the scanner to the test material. The optional pipe holders ensure that the scanner wheels are on the pipe at all times The X-axis scan arm can be easily replaced by a TOFD scan arm so that the scanner becomes a TOFD scanner. The UltraScan inspection system detects the scanner type and sets the appropriate settings automatically.

With the UltraScan software, the user can control scan speed, manual jog speed, scan area, and scan resolution. Manual jog can be easily done by pressing one of the arrow keys while holding the shift key.

Other accessories include extended cables and coupling kits. The coupling kit consists of a water compressor, tubing, a Y-connector, and a flow-control valve. The 100-foot and 200-foot extended cables are built with differential line drivers and receivers to prevent data loss.

The UltraScan system includes a portable computer that contains a pulser/receiver and high speed analog to digital card. The single channel software includes TOFD inspection, flaw mapping of the X-axis, flaw mapping of the Y-axis, and thickness mapping. The multi-channel channel software includes all four types of the inspections plus an interleaving option for thickness mapping. The system detects pitting, corrosion, laminations, and cracks in the tested materials. It also generates a complete report of the inspection.


Scan Resolution X Axis: 0.00006429" (0.0016329 mm)
Y Axis: 0.0049" (0.12446 mm)
X Arm Length 12" (310 mm)
24" (620 mm)
36" (930 mm)
or specified by customer
Pipe Diameter >=4" (100 mm)
TOFD Arm Length 12" and 24"
Options Coupling kit
Pipe holder
Track with suction cups
100' extended cable
200' extended cable