Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver and 100MHz A/D Board for PCI Bus with DSP


  • On-board DSP Chip for extremely fast ultrasonic data processing
  • One-Board Design: pulser/receiver, analog-to-digital converter, and encoder counter
  • On-board encoder counters for on-position acquisition
  • 32-bit master mode PCI bus for ultra-fast data transfer
  • Up to 4.8 GIPS DSP chip for various custom applications at real time
  • Time stamps, 6-axis position, and I/O status for each A-scan
  • 256-channel automatic timing and switching capability with DT16B
  • Distance gain correction (DAC) for all 256 channels
  • Up to 100MSPS high-speed A/D conversions and data compression
  • 800 KB buffer memory to assure real-time operation
  • Pulser switch-off while taking data for low pulser noise
  • Wide-range dynamic gain
  • Up to 900 volts pulse
  • Included UT oscilloscope software for Windows 2000/XP/Win7 32-bit
  • Windows 2000/XP software development kits for C/C++, Visual BASIC, and LabView


DSPUT5000 is a combination of a pulser/receiver and a high-speed analog to digital converter--both of which are located on a single board for the PCI bus. The board generates an electrical pulse with user-defined pulse voltage and pulse width. The pulse is transmitted to an ultrasonic transducer, and the transducer converts the electrical excitation pulse to an ultrasonic pulse which is propagated into either the tested material or couplant. The transducer also receives the echoes that are reflected back from the interface and converts the ultrasonic pulse back into an electrical signal. The on-board receiver processes the signal with the user defined parameters, and the A/D converter converts analog signals into digital data at a rate of 100 million samples per second. In addition, the digital data is transferred to a computer's RAM at about 80 MB per second.

Other adjustable parameters include pulse voltage, pulse width, damping, internal relay for pulse/echo or through transmission switching, receiver gain, DC offset, low-pass filter, high-pass filter, rectifications, sampling rates, external trigger, and adjustable trigger delay. A standard scope software is included with the board.

One of the unique feature is the on-board DSP chip from Texas Instruments. It runs 600 MHz clock and executes up to 4.8 gaga instructions per second. It is capable to process data at high speed for real-time peak detection, data compression, spray marker control, factory process control and feed back. With on-board DSP chip the board can run stand alone as a remote pulser/receiver and data processing system with a host control through RS232 serial port. A special DSP software development kit is available for customized data processing applications.

Along with our DT16B 16-channel pulser/receiver switching board, the DSPUT5000 becomes a multi-channel ultrasonic inspection and analysis system. The maximum number of channels is 256. Multiple DSPUT5000 boards can also be installed in one computer to build up a multi-channel ultrasonic system which can fire multiple transducers and acquire data at the same time.


Pulse Voltage -40V to -300V, 256 steps. Higher voltages are available upon request.
Pulse Width 50 ns to 484ns, 256 steps Optional 15 ns is available upon request.
Damping Damping 620, 340, 200, 160, 60, 55, 50, or 47 ohms.
Internal Trigger 1 Hz to 5000 Hz in 10 Hz increments when internal trigger is selected. Optional higher PRF available.
Receiver Gain 0 dB to 80 dB in 0.1dB increments.
DC Offset -2.5V to +2.5V in 5mV increments
Low Pass Filter All, 48MHz, 28MHz, 18MHz, 8.8MHz, 7.5MHz, 6.7MHz, or 5.9MHz
High Pass Filter 4.8MHz, 1.8MHz, 0.8MHz, or 0.6MHz
Waveform Full rectify, + half rectify, - half rectify, or RF
Sampling Rate 100MHz, 50MHz, 25MHz, 12.5MHz, 6.25MHz, 3.125MHz, 1.5725MHz, and external clock < 100MHz
Resolution 8 bits (0 to 255)
Memory 800 kilo samples
Waveform Length 16 to 16382 in 4 sample steps
Trigger Source +external, -external, internal or software
Connectors 3 BNC connectors: Pulse out, receiver in, and external trigger in
Post Trigger delay 4 to 32764 samples in 4 sample step
Dimensions 9.75"x4.25" not including BNC and PCI edge connectors
Add-on Options - BNC external clock connector
- BNC trigger sync output connector
- High pulse voltage up to 900 volts
- Distance gain correction (DAC)
- Up to 6 encoder counters
- Up to two additional 14-bit A/D converters
- 20,000 Hz high PRF option
- 16-bit digital I/O
- Stand alone RS232 communication
- DSP software development kit
- Windows software development kits
- Hardware security key and development kit
- Stand alone option