Multi-channel Pulser/Receiver Board


  • Up to 16 pulser/receiver channels per board
  • Up to 256 pulser/receiver channels per computer
  • Wide-range dynamic gain for each channel
  • Pulse damping selection for each channel
  • Controllable pulse/echo or through transmission mode
  • High-voltage pulse up to 300 volts
  • Adjustable pulse width (50ns to 484 ns)
  • High-voltage switch-off while taking data for low pulser noise
  • Adjustable DC offset
  • Selectable low-pass and high-pass filters
  • User-specified pulser channels and receiver channels
  • User-specified firing sequence


DT16E is a 16-channel ultrasonic pulser/receiver board. Each boardholds up to 16 channels. A DT16E contains 16 dedicated pulsers and amultiplexer. A PCIPR300M pulser/receiver card or a PCIUT3100M card fromUS Ultratek is needed to control DT16E through one ribbon cable and twocoax cables. The controllable parameters include pulser channel number,receiver channel number, damping resistance, mode, pulse width, andpulse voltage.

With the help of the receiver on a PCIPR300Mcard or a PCIUT3100M card, the signal from the multiplexer can beprocessed as specified by the user. The receiver features high passfilters, low pass filters, rectifiers, gain, and DC offset. Therectifiers, gain, and DC offset are easily and quickly changeable atany time, which is very important for high speed data acquisition when fast channel switching is required.

Windows dynamic libraries for Microsoft C/C++,Visual Basic, and LabView are provided to let the users develop theirown software easily. With these libraries, the user can set up anyfiring sequence along with different gains, rectifications, and DCoffsets for each channel.

DT16E installs into the computer's PCI slot.Multiple DT16E cards can be installed in a computer to build a systemup to 256 channels. Each board has 16 pulser cables and 16 receivercables. The cables can be equipped with BNC connectors, Lemo00connectors, or SMB connectors or small profile Burndy connectors. DT8E is half the size of DT16E; it contains 8 deticated pulsers and a MUX.The DT8E is designed for low-cost applications.

Applications include flaw mapping, thicknessmapping, material evaluation and characterization, and pipeline girthweld inspections.


Pulse Voltage -40V to -300V, 256 steps. Higher voltage is available upon request.
Pulse Width 50 ns to 484ns, 256 steps
Damping 500?, and 50?
Receiver Gain 0 dB to 80 dB in 0.01dB increments.
DC Offset -2.5V to 2.5V in 5mV increments
Low Pass Filter All, 48MHz, 28MHz, 18MHz, 8.8MHz, 7.5MHz, 6.7MHz, or 5.9MHz
Mode Controllable pulse/echo or through transmission mode with internal relay
High Pass Filter 4.8MHz, 1.8MHz, 0.8MHz, or 0.6MHz
Waveform Full rectify, + half rectify, - half rectify, or RF
Card Dimension 12.5" x 4.5"
Channels per card 16 channels
Max cards/Computer 16 cards
Options - LEMO00 Connectors
- SMB connectors
- Burndy connectors
- Optional output voltage: -350V
- Software development kit