Multi-Channel Pulser/Receiver and 160 MSPS A/D Device with Ethernet Interface


  • Built-in square pulser and tone burst pulser
  • Tone burst pulser for high attenuating material testing
  • Ethernet communication for laptop and desktop computers
  • Real-time peak detections with 4 fixed AND/OR slave gates
  • One-Device Design: pulser/receiver and A/D converter
  • 12-bit A/D conversion resolution up to 160 MSPS
  • On-board encoder counters for on-position acquisition
  • Up to 16 channel for single device and up to 255 devices on Ethernet
  • Hardware peak detection for minimal data transfer at high PRF
  • Included UT oscilloscope software for Windows 2000/XP/Win7/Win10
  • Windows 2000/XP/Win7/Win10 software development kits for C/C++, Visual BASIC, and LabVIEW


EUT3160 is a square pulser/receiver and EUT3160T is a tone burst pulser/receiver with an analog-to-digital converter and an Ethernet interface. This product comes in five models: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 channels . The device generates a series of pulses with user-defined pulse frequency and pulse cycles from T connectors. The pulses are transmitted to an ultrasonic transducer, and the transducer converts the electrical excitation pulses to ultrasound which is propagated into either the tested material or air. The transducer also receives the reflected echoes from the interface and converts the ultrasound back into an electrical signal. The on-board receiver processes the signal with the user defined parameters, and the A/D converter converts analog signals into digital data at a rate of up to 160 million samples per second. In addition, the digital data is transferred to a computer's RAM.

Adjustable parameters include pulse frequency, pulse cycles, receiver gain, DC offset, rectifications, sampling rates, trigger source, and adjustable trigger delay. A standard scope software for MS Windows is included with this device.

One of the unique features is the on-board FPGA chip witch is capable of processing data in real-time for peak detection, data compression, averaging, spray marker control, factory process control and feedback. With the on-board micro-controller, the device can run stand alone as a remote tone burst pulser/receiver and data processing system without being connected to a computer. The user can set up the parameters through the Ethernet and then save the parameters in the non-volatile memory. The device can load the parameters automatically after the device is powered up without any control from the computer.

The EUT3160 can be used as a smart flaw detector and distance measuring device with various software running at real-time. Custom software is available for your applications upon request.


All Pulsers:
PRF 1Hz to 20,000Hz
Damping 500 ohms
Transducer Mode Software-controllable single or dual elements
Polarity Negative
Channels Available 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16
Square Pulser:
Pulse Width 20 to 2,000 ns
Pulse Voltage 25V to 400V in 256 steps
Tone Burst Pulser:
Pulse Frequency 20 kHz to 12.5 MHz
Pulse Voltage +/-13V to +/-200V in 256 steps
Number of Pulses 1 to 32 half cycles
Receiver Gain 0 dB to 84 dB in 0.1dB increments
DC Offset -2.5V to 2.5V in 5mV increments
Low Pass Filter All, 48, 16, 9, 4.8, 1.6, 0.6, and 0.16 MHz
High Pass Filter 22, 12, 7, 3.7, 1.2, 0.46, 0.12, and 0.012 MHz
Waveform Full rectify, + half rectify, - half rectify, or RF
Band Width Receiver band width up to 30 MHz
Sampling Rate 160, 80, 40, 20, 10, 5, and 2.5 MHz
Resolution 8-bit (0 - 255) or 12-bit (0 - 4095) software selectable
Waveform Length 16 to 32,768 samples in 2 sample step
Trigger Source +External, -external, internal or software
Connectors LEMO 00 connectors for pulse out and receive in
Trigger Delay 0 to 32,768 samples in 2 sample step
PC Interface Ethernet 100BASE-T
Dimensions 4-channel: 4.2"x5.65"x1.55" (107mmX143mmX40mm)
8-channel: 8.4"x6"x1.75" (213mmX153mmX44mm)
16-channel: 8.4"x6"x3.5" (213mmX153mmX88mm)
Power Supply +10VDC to 24VDC @0.5A with battery monitoring
Weight 1.5 pounds to 3 pounds
Add-on Options Up to 6 encoder counters
16 digital I/O, two 10-bit ADCs and encoder connector
EXT TRIG with LEMO 00 (or BNC) connector
SYNC OUT with LEMO 00 (or BNC) connector
Up to 2 14-bit ADC with user defined input range
Windows software development kits for LabVIEW, MS C/C++ and Visual BASIC
Distance Amplitude Correction DAC with 16,384 cell table, fixed and floating DAC curve to interface gate