All-In-One Multi-Tasking Scanner - XY and TOFD


  • Easy setup for TOFD and X-Y C-scan inspections
  • Built-in 30 dB pre-amplifier
  • Compact design for field inspections
  • Magnetic wheels for easy setup
  • High resolution scanning for pipes and flat surfaces
  • Minimum pipe diameter 2" (50 mm)
  • Optional tracks for non-magnetic materials
  • Built-in stoppers on X-axis to specify scan range
  • Scanner arm (X-axis) selection: 12", 17" or 26"
  • Easy to change scanner arms
  • Two forks included for compatibility with a wide range of transducer wedges
  • Optional coupling kit
  • Optional extended cable up to 200'
  • Available TOFD transducers up to 15 MHz
  • Available probe cables with all kinds of connectors


MT Scanner is a multi-tasking X-Y coordinate scanner for TOFD imaging and C-scan mapping. The UltraScan ultrasonic inspection system and an MT Scanner form a complete UT inspection system capable of inspecting pipes and flat surfaces as well as welds. Pipe diameters can be as small as 2 inches. The scanner's magnetic wheels are ideal for quick setup on ferrous surfaces. Optional scanner tracks allow the scanner to be used on non-magnetic materials.

There are two stoppers on the arm of the X-axis that define the endpoints of a scan range. The stoppers set up quickly and easily, providing easy back-and-forth operation.

The X-axis scan arm can be easily taken out and a TOFD scan head can be added to the front of the scanner, quickly converting from an X-Y scanner to a TOFD scanner. The UltraScan inspection system automatically detects the scanner type and sets the appropriate parameters.

A built-in water-proof pre-amplifier can be used for weak signal to provide the high quality signal for UT system. This is very helpful in some difficult testing conditions such as using 15 MHz TOFD probes and inspections on stainless steel. In addition it can be used for pulse/echo mode.

Other accessories include extension cables and coupling kits. The coupling kit consists of a water compressor, tubing, a Y-connector, and a flow-control valve. The 100-foot and 200-foot extension cables are built with differential line drivers and receivers to prevent attenuation.

The UltraScan system includes a portable computer with a pulser/receiver and high speed analog-to-digital converter card. There are four Windows programs that make up the system: TOFD imaging, X-axis flaw mapping, Y-axis flaw mapping, and thickness mapping. This system detects pitting, corrosion, laminations, and cracks in the tested materials. It also generates a complete report of the inspection. The system supports all Windows-supported languages.


Scan Resolution X Axis: 0.001" (0.03 mm)
Y Axis: 0.004" (0.1 mm)
Scan Range 12" Arm: 9.5" x 2815' (240mm x 858m)
17" Arm: 13.5" x 2815' (340mm x 858m)
26" Arm: 23.5" x 2815' (590mm x 858 m)
Pipe Diameter >2" (50 mm)
TOFD Head Length 8" or 22"
Pre-Amp Band Width 0.5 MHz to 30 MHz
Pre-Amp Gain 30 dB
Temperature Range -20ᵒC to 60ᵒC ambience
Humidity 20% to condensing
Options -Coupling kit
-TOFD transducers and wedges up to 15 MHz
-Transducer cables with all kinds of connectors
-100' and 200' extended cables
-Add-on wheels for small-diameter pipes
-Scanner tracks for non-magnetic pipes