Portable Inspection Inspection Scanner


  • Compact design for field inspections
  • Built-in 30 dB pre-amplifier
  • High-resolution scanning for pipes and flat surfaces
  • Minimum pipe diameter of 2"
  • Magnetic wheels for easy setup
  • 21" adjustable transducer distance
  • Optional coupling kit
  • Optional motorized TOFD scanner
  • Optional extended cable up to 200'
  • Available TOFD transducers up to 15 MHz
  • Available probe cables with all kinds of connectors


The pTOFD scanner is a single-axis coordinate scanner that, with the help of the UltraScan 5 system, is used to inspect welds on pipes and flat surfaces. The diameter of the pipe can be as small as 2 inches. The magnetic wheels are ideal for quick setup on ferrous surfaces.

A built-in water-proof pre-amplifier can be used for weak signal to provide the high quality signal for UT system. This is very helpful in some difficult testing conditions such as using 15 MHz TOFD probes and inspections on stainless steel. In addition it can be used for pulse/echo mode.

Other accessories include DC motor and controller, extended cables and coupling kits. The coupling kit consists of a couplant compressor, tubing, a Y-connector, and a flow-control valve. The 100-foot and 200-foot extended cables are built with differential line drivers and receivers which ensure the cables' reliable operation without attenuation.

The pTOFD scanner is designed to work with UltraScan 5, an ultrasonic inspection and analysis system. The system includes a portable computer containing an all-in-one pulser/receiver and high speed digitizer card.


Scan Resolution 0.0039 inch (0.1 mm)
Scan Range 2745'
Test Pipe Diameter greater than or equal to 2" (50 mm)
TOFD Head Length 8" or 22"
Pre-Amp Band Width 0.5 MHz to 30 MHz
Pre-Amp Gain 30 dB
Temperature Range -40ᵒC to 60ᵒC ambience
Humidity 20% to condensing
Options Coupling kit
TOFD transducers and wedges up to 15 MHz
Transducer cables with all kinds of connectors
100' and 200' extended cable
Scanner tracks for non-magnetic pipes