Multi-Channel Pulser/Receiver and 50 MHz A/D Device for USB


  • All-in-one design: tone-burst pulser/receiver, A/D converter, encoder counter
  • Multi-channel tone-burst pulser for attenuating material testing
  • Connects to laptops and desktops via USB
  • Affordable ultrasonic testing instrument
  • No external power supply required
  • Onboard DSP Chip for real-time data processing
  • Onboard encoder counters for position-based data acquisition
  • 40 MBPS high speed data transfer to computer RAM
  • Up to 50 MSPS high-speed A/D conversions
  • Wide-range dynamic gain
  • Included UT oscilloscope software for Windows 2000/XP/Win7/Win10
  • Windows 2000/XP/Win7/Win10 software development kits for C/C++, Visual BASIC, and LabVIEW


USB-UT350RT is a tone-burst pulser/receiver and an analog-to-digital converter that connects to a computer USB port. The device supports up to 16 channels and generates a series of bipolar pulses with user-defined pulse frequency and pulse cycles for each channel. The pulses are transmitted to ultrasonic transducers, which convert the electrical pulses into ultrasound and propagate them through the tested material. The transducer then receives the echoes and converts the ultrasound back into an electrical signal. The on-board receiver processes the signal with the user-defined parameters and the A/D converter converts analog signals into digital data at a rate of up to 50 million samples per second. The digital data is transferred to the computer at about 40 MB per second.

Adjustable parameters include pulse frequency, pulse cycles, receiver gain, DC offset, rectifications, sampling rates, trigger source, and adjustable trigger delay. Standard scope software for MS Windows is included with the device.

One of the unique features is the onboard DSP chip. It is capable of high-speed data processing for real-time peak detection, data compression, spray marker control, factory process control and feedback. The device can run as a stand-alone tone burst pulser/receiver and data processing system without being connected to a computer. The parameters are configured from a computer prior to remote operation.

Applications include flaw detector for solid materials (wood, rubber and concrete) and distance measuring device (through air). Custom software is available for your applications upon request.

The USB-UT35RT is one of the most affordable ultrasonic testing instruments on the market.


Pulse Voltage 40 - 300V peak to peak
Pulse Frequency 20 kHz to 12.5 MHz
Pulse Repetition Frequency 1 Hz to 1000 Hz in 1 Hz increment
Pulse Cycles 1 to 30 cycles
Receiver Gain 0 dB to 80 dB in 0.1dB increments.
DC Offset -2.5V to 2.5V in 5mV increments
Waveform Full rectify, + half rectify, - half rectify, or RF
Sampling Rate 50, 25, 12.5, 6.25, 3.125 MHz
Resolution 8 bits (0 to 255)
Waveform Length 0 to 8190 samples
Transducer Mode Single
USB Connection USB 2.0 compatible
Trigger Source +external, internal or software
Connectors LEMO 00 connectors
Post Trigger delay 0 to 16,370 samples in 1 sample step
Dimensions 4.2"x6.8"x1.7" (107mm x 172mm x 43mm)
Power Supply External power supply: +9V / 1A, or power from USB connector
Weight 1.5 lbs
Add-on Options Up to 2 encoder counters
16-bit I/O, TRIG IN, sync out, and encoder connector
Up to 2 14-bit A/D converters with user defined input range
Battery Monitory
Flaw detector software
Distance gauge software
Windows software development kits for LabVIEW, MS C/C++ and Visual BASIC