Multi-Probe Ultrasonic Inspection Scanner


  • Multi-channel weld inspection design
  • Single-pass scanning
  • Magnetic wheels for easy setup
  • Circumferential weld and longitudinal weld scans
  • Various working surfaces--from flat to spherical
  • Up to 32 transducers
  • Easy expandability
  • Adjustable transducer distance from welds
  • TOFD, pulse/echo, FAST, and tandem probe compatible
  • Built-in irrigation system
  • High-resolution position tracking
  • Optional tacks and guide wheels
  • Optional motor drive and controller


WeldScanner is a multi-probe scanner designed for multi-channel weld inspection systems such as WeldScan 5, an ultrasonic pipeline inspection system manufactured by US Ultratek, Inc. The scanner can be used for circumferential weld inspections as well as longitudinal weld inspections. Compatible scan surfaces can be flat, cylindrical, or even spherical.

WeldScanner consists of a cable box, an encoder box, three wheel assemblies, and several frames.

The cable box is equipped with SMB connectors, an encoder connector, a motor connector, and a couplant control valve. Each frame can hold up to four transducer assemblies. The distance from the transducer to the center of the weld can be easily adjusted by tuning the thread rod on the transducer assembly.

Frames can be easily added on the scanner body to hold more transducers. The joints between the frames are adjustable so that the scanner fits on any surface. The orientation of the wheel assembly is also adjustable to match the scan surface.

Weld scanner can be upgraded for automated scanning and automated motion control with a DC motor, a motion controller, and a couplant controller.


Scan Resolution 0.001447 inch (0.037 mm)
Transducer Distance 3 inches (80 mm)
Adjustment Travel Distance 1011' (308 m)