Inspection Systems

UltraScan 5L - Portable, Battery-Operated Ultrasonic Inspection and Analysis System

  • Heavy-duty laptop computer for field inspections
  • User-friendly Windows applications
  • Detects pitting, corrosion, lamination, and cracks
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UltraScan 5 - Ultrasonic Inspection and Analysis System

  • Easy-to-use Windows applications
  • High-speed Distance Amplitude Correction (DAC)
  • Portable computer for field inspections
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TFScan - Thickness Measurement and Flaw Inspection System

  • Durable industrial computer for rugged environments
  • On-board DSP chip for real-time signal processing
  • Real-time input and output control
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AquaScan - Complete Immersion Inspection System

  • Includes water tank with 2 or 3 motorized axes
  • 3D display for better prospective views
  • Thickness measurement, lamination detection, and crack detection
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WeldScan 5 - Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Pipeline Inspection and Analysis System

  • Zone discrimination for weld inspections
  • Easy-to-use Windows applications
  • Scanning speeds up to 200 mm/second
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